Alikchi Siti - Raven Skull Necklace

In Stock Area-- Alikchi Siti - Raven Skull Necklace
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Alikchi Siti -  Raven Skull Necklace

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Alikchi Siti - Raven Skull Necklace
Price: $135.00

Alikchi (doctor) Siti (snake)  This necklace is designed to honor the shamanistic traditions.  As Choctaw we honor the snake for the services they provide in keeping the crops free of rodents.  This necklace acknowledges the reverence of the snake with a design adapted from an ancient gorget.   The raven is a strong totom and as bones and skulls were often part of a shaman's tools the raven skull was chosen for this necklace.  The spike shaped beads accompaning it are similar to bone ornaments that were found in the mounds.

These necklace features  hand made porcelain raven skull.  It is hand painted using underglazes.  Matching hand painted porcelain beads, and porcelain spikes are also included.  Hair strands and stone chip strands accent the design.

It is presented on an adjustable leather cord.  It will adjust from approximately 17 inches to about 24 inches.

Skull earrings to match are presented separately. Click Here to view them in a new window.

Size: The skulls are approximately 2.5 inches (60mm) long. by 1  inch (25mm) wide.
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