Water Spider Sun Circle Necklace

In Stock Area-- Water Spider Sun Circle Necklace
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Water Spider Sun Circle Necklace

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Water Spider Sun Circle Necklace
Price: $125.00

This sun circle necklace is an interpretation of an ancient design. Similar spider designs have been found on personal adornment and ceremonial items uncovered from southeastern Indian burial sites and mounds from the woodland and mississippi periods. Ancient designs were carved onto shells, copper, stone, and used on ceramic items.

The Water Spider is depicted on this sun circle.  The red circle on her back is to represent the bowl of embers which is mentioned in the Indian legend that follows.

The Water Spider Story. In the beginning before man was, all the animals held a council on who would go to the floating island of thunder to collect some burning embers of the sycamore tree.The black racer, which used to be white, gave it a try. He failed and was singed black and carries his mark to this day. The owl attempted to go to the island and in her failure, rings were singed around her eyes to this day. The water spider spun a bowl and placed it on her back and walked across the water, returning with embers for the first council fire. Where all the others failed the smallest of creatures triumphed.
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