Eagle Design Medallion Set

In Stock Area-- Eagle Design Medallion Set
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Eagle Design Medallion Set

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Eagle Design Medallion Set
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This set was hand beaded and is backed with black leather.    It features  porcelain cabs with  an eagle head design. The eagle design was transferred to the cabs and then hand painted with china paints for a very durable heirloom finish.  It is beaded with size 13 chec charlottes, very small beads.  The cord is size 8 glass beads. The fringe features hand made porcelain feathers hand painted with china paints.

Size:  Medallion is 2.5 inches  (63mm) in diameter.  including feather fringe it is 4.5 inches  (115mm) long.   It is on a 25 inch beaded cord.
             Earrings are 1 1/8 inches (33mm) in diameter 3 inches (80mm) long including feather fringe.
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