Butterfly Princess Necklace & Earring Se

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Butterfly Princess Necklace & Earring Se

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Butterfly Princess Necklace & Earring Se
Item: BFLY

Butterfly Princess Necklace & Earring Set  The butterfly princess is a common feature in many Native American legends and stories. She is similar to similar to mother earth in that she takes care of the earth and its balance. She is a harbinger of spring and its butterflies and flowers.

This set features a hand sculpted Native American princess face with hand made porcelain murrini butterfly wings. She is hung on a Sterling Silver plated chain with a sterling silver S hook closure. The earrings are smaller versions of the butterfly wing murrini on Sterling silver bodies and are hung on sterling silver ear wires.

Porcelain murrini are made by stacking together various shapes and sizes of various colors of porcelain into a log which is then sliced to create the wing shape and design you see here. This is similar to a polymer clay cane although more difficult, because the colors are more likely to be muddied and it does not stretch like a polymer cane. Plus it is constantly drying out. Also it is difficult to stretch as the colors will mix and muddy and slide out of the design if you try to stretch and shrink it much.

Her face was sculpted with various colored porcelains. Then it was attached to the butterfly wings and fired to 2300F (1200C) She was then glazed with a matte glaze and fired again to 2300F (1200C) The details of her face (eyes, eyebrows, lips, cheeks) and the details on the feather and flowers were then painted with china paint and fired to around 750C This was repeated 3 times for depth and detail.
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