Swift Creek - Wire Wrapped Bracelet

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Swift Creek - Wire Wrapped Bracelet

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Swift Creek - Wire Wrapped Bracelet
Item: SWFT-WWB-1

Swift Creek - Wire Wrapped Bracelet  This bracelet features a Swift Creek Stamp Cab made from the native clay which I dig and formulate myself.  I roll out the clay and, using a custom made stamp, I stamp the design into the clay.  I then cut the shape and curve it slightly for the bracelet shape.  After it has dried a bit I smooth out the edges and burnish the high points with a polished rock to make it somewhat shiny. It is then fired outdoors in a wood fire and then when it has reached the proper temperature it is smothered with dung to make it go black.

The design is one of many pottery paddle/stamp designs from a group of mound builders called the swift creek potters. These potters were from the Mississippian period of around 1000 to 1600 AD. They carved the designs into wooden paddles which they then used to paddle clay into pots over things like rocks or gourds. The resulting pots would have these designs overlapping all over the exterior of the pot.

The bracelet is made from copper wire which has been aged to color coordinate with the cab and for a more rustic look. 

All of the wire ends are woven back under the wire wrappings to insure that it will not come loose to poke you or catch on things.
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