Red Earth Lentil

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Red Earth Lentil

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Red Earth Lentil

Warm Copper Ivory  Lentil Necklace This necklace features 9 hand made hand carved lentil beads with a design inspired by a banding design from the ancient mound builders.  These lentils are separated with  hand made spherical beads, small copper,  and small glass 'e' beads .  It fastens with a copper toggle.
All of the clay beads in this piece were individually hand made from hand dug native clay.  The lentils were then coated with a red native clay slip and hand burnished then carved.  Then they were all fired in an electric kiln. 

Size:  The necklace is 22" long with a copper toggle clasp
              8 medium native clay lentils - 1 inch (25mm) diameter
              1 large focal native clay lentil - 1.25 inch (30mm)
              20- 6mm spherical copper beads
              10- 10mm spherical native clay beads
               8-5mm spherical native clay beads
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