Swift Creek Rattle Bead Necklace Set

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Swift Creek Rattle Bead Necklace Set

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Swift Creek Rattle Bead Necklace Set

Swift Creek Rattle Bead Necklace  This necklace features one of my new Swift Creek design rattle beads.  These beads are made using the designs found on the ancient woodland period Swift Creek pottery.  The beads are made using the same techniques as the ancient potters used to make their pottery.  See more information on the Swift Creek Potters on my information page. (link will open in a new window so you can have a look without leaving here) 

On the back of the bead I have stamped just one impression of the stamp that the design on the front of the bead was made from so you can see the whole design in one place not overlapped.  The bead has tiny clay balls inside which create a nice rattle sound when the bead is shaken.  This rattle bead was antiqued with guilders paste in a copper color to highlight the designs.

This necklace is linked with porcelain beads with lustre finishes and small native clay beads for accents.  The necklace was assembled using copper wire to link it all together.  It is fastened with a copper toggle clasp.

The earrings are round discs that have been stamped with the same swift creek designs and highlighted in the same way with the guilders paste.  They have fringe with matching porcelain and native clay beads.

Size: Rattle bead is 2 inches in diameter.  It is 6.5 inches from the top of the rattle to the bottom of the dangles.  The beaded chain is 22 inches long.
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