Deep Carved Plate with Birdman design

In Stock Area-- Deep Carved Plate with Birdman design
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Deep Carved Plate with Birdman design

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Deep Carved Plate with Birdman design
Price: $125.00

This plate features a deep carved Bird Man design from the ancient mound builders.  It was hand mad from native clay which I dig myself.  It was burnished with a rock and wood fired in a saggar for reduction creating the deep black color.

This plate cracked  while I was carving it.  I fixed the crack and thought it was entirely gone but it re-appeared on the surface after firing.  I do not believe it goes completely through the plate, although it is visible on both sides, it is not visible the entire length on both sides.  It is not terribly noticable and as a decorative piece I think it still is a great piece.  I have, however, priced it at less than half of what it would have been had it not cracked.  This makes it an excellent choice for the beginning collector or someone with limited funds.

Price without the crack:  $250
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