Contemplation - a Shaman with pipe

In Stock Area-- Contemplation - a Shaman with pipe
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Contemplation - a Shaman with pipe

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Contemplation - a Shaman with pipe
Price: $600.00

This original sculpture celebrates the shamanic traditions of Native American cultures.  It is not a representation of any specific tribe or person.  This shaman is standing with his pipe contemplating the state of the world and offering up prayers for the healing of the world.  This is a Bear Shaman.  The Bear is one of the most powerful of the shaman spirits and the bear is known for healing.

This sculpture is hand made from hand dug native clay using the coiling method and then further carved and modeled to its final shape.   The colors were added with slip from different hand dug clays and the bear fur was colored with underglaze.   It was fired outdoors in a wood fire.

Size:  13 inches tall by 5 inches wide at bottom
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