Avanyu Stoneware Cup

In Stock Area-- Avanyu Stoneware Cup
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Avanyu Stoneware Cup

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Avanyu Stoneware Cup
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The Avanyu is a water guardian, water spirit, water diety.  The Avanyu symbol is the storm bringer and connected with lightning, thunderstorms and the guardian of water. The Avanyu is also revered as the changer of seasons and the bringer of sudden and sometimes violent change. The zigzag and meandering curves of the serpent or snake are suggestive of flowing water or the zig-zag of lightning. In some tribes Avanyu is believed to be a companion to the Kokopelli.  Antlers and horns signify spiritual power.

This piece is from my water protector series as a statement to show support for the clean water and to encourage people to speak out in support of clean water initiatives.

These cups were hand formed using the coiling method from black stoneware clay.  The Avanyu was then applied and hand carved.  They glazed and food safe.  They were fired in an electric kil to around 2000F. 

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