Dragon in the Mist Design Jar

In Stock Area-- Dragon in the Mist Design Jar
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Dragon in the Mist Design Jar

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Dragon in the Mist Design Jar
Price: $125.00

I call this Dragon in the mist because the design on the pot is very subtle.  It is a mishna process were the deep carved design was filled with colored slip.  The coloration of the slip is not as robust as I had expected it to be.  This pot features a design from an ancient Mississippian period pot.  This design is identified in the book as a piassa.  I disagree.  The piassa is an underwater panther.  Underwater creatures don't have wings.  I identify this as a dragon design.

This pot was hand formed using the coiling method from hand dug clay.  It was scraped smooth and the dragon design was carved into the pot and then filled with a colored slip made from the same clay.  It was then burnished with a rock.  It was fired in an electric kiln. 

Size: 3.5" tall 4" wide
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