Hooded effigy bottle - Small

In Stock Area-- Hooded effigy bottle - Small
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Hooded effigy bottle - Small

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Hooded effigy bottle - Small
Item: HOOD
Price: $75.00

This small bottle is a reproduction of bottles that have been found in many of the mounds of the Central Mississippi Valley.  This particular bottle is smaller than the original mound builder pieces. 

It comes with a small certificate that tells a little about the ancient pieces and that certifies that it is made by a registered Oklahoma Choctaw Artist.

Size: 3 inches (80) tall 2 inch (50mm) diameter

Materials and Techniques: This pot is hand built from hand dug native clay which I process myself.  It was then hand burnished and fired in a wood fire that was smothered.  It didn't end up totally black but close.
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