Smokin' Buddies

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Smokin' Buddies

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Smokin' Buddies
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These Smokin' Buddies are an original design they are not fashioned after any historical piece.  They are designed to hold a hand rolled cigarette making it easier to hold and smoke and prevent finger staining and burning.  They each have a wire collar with a loop and come with a leather cord so they can be worn as a necklace.

The buddies are hand formed from Native Clay which I dig and process myself.  The details were carved in and they were hand burnished using a polished stone.  They were then fired traditionally in a wood fire which was smothered with manure creating the rich black color.

Size:  Snake 3.5" long
          Beaver 3" long
          Rabbit 2.5" long
          Eagle  2.25" long
          Bear  2" long

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