Rabbit Effigy Bowl

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Rabbit Effigy Bowl
Rabbit Effigy Bowl

Rabbit Effigy Bowl  This bowl is a Mississippian style effigy bowl featuring a rabbit.  Original artifacts similar to this pot would have been made between about 1000-1400 AD.

This bowl was hand built from native clay and traditionally fired in a wood fire.  The fire was then smothered resulting in the very interesting black metallic look that this native clay gets in reduction firing.

During the Mississippian period a large number of naturalistic or ‘real world’ effigies were made.   Classic Southeastern Cultural Complex art was believed to relate almost entirely to otherworldly events and supernatural actors, however, the art from the central Mississippi valley also includes a large variety of ‘real world’ beings such as fish, deer. Shells, gourds, and other animals.  These were depicted with a varying degree of realism.

Size:  8in nose to tail 6in diameter for round portion of bowl and 5 in tall to top of head.