Incised Mississippian Style Bottle - Sna

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Incised Mississippian Style Bottle - Sna

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Incised Mississippian Style Bottle - Sna
Item: SNK-01

This bottle is hand built from hand dug native clay using a coiling method.  This pot was hand smoothed and was NOT sanded.  This leaves the surface somewhat uneven and gives it a more primitave look.  The pot was hand burnished and incised with a typical Mississippian style entwined snake design. There are four snakes one facing to each of the four directions.  Two have their heads at the top of the pot symbolizing the upper realm, two have their heads to the bottom of the pot symbolizing the underworld realm.  

This clay is somewhat micaeous so there are areas that have some sparkle like small amounts of glitter.  The mica is not heavy as in some micaeous clays so it is not a dense covering of mica and it is not evident everywhere on the pot.  I feel that this is a very beautiful effect much nicer than more mica and was quite happy when I ran into this pocket of clay. 

This pot was traditionally fired in a wood fire which was smothered.  This firing created some of the most interesting color variations, called fire clouds, that I have ever gotten on a pot. The colors on this pot range from the original red of the clay all the way through the browns and grays to deep black.

This pot is a Mississippian style pot.  Original artifacts similar to this pot would have been made between about 1000-1400 AD.  The design is a typical Mississippian design, although this is not a direct reproduction of any artifact.

During the Mississippian period a large number incised pots were made with various stylized snake designs.  Classic Southeastern Cultural Complex art was believed to relate almost entirely to otherworldly events and supernatural actors, however, the art from the central Mississippi valley also includes a large variety of ‘real world’ beings such as fish, deer, snakes, shells, gourds, and other animals.  These were depicted with a varying degree of realism.

Size: 9 in diameter at widest point 6.5 in tall
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