Otter Platform Pipe

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Otter Platform Pipe

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Otter Platform Pipe

This piece Won 1st place in the Pottery Miniatures Division at the Heard Museum Indian Market March 2015

This Otter Pipe is a platform pipe design.  Pipes of this design have been found in Illinois at several sites. These sites date from approximately A.D. 1-400.  The original pipes were made from stone.  Numerous styles and designs of platform pipes have been found across many sites in the area.  Most feature animal effigies.

This pipe is hand formed from Native Clay which I dig and process myself.  The details were carved in and it was hand burnished using a polished stone.  It was then fired traditionally in a wood fire which was smothered with manure creating the rich black color.

Size: 3 inches long 2 inches tall 1 inches wide
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