Bear Hunt Pot

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Bear Hunt Pot
Bear Hunt Pot
Item: PET-03

Bear Hunt Petroglyph PotThe idea behind this pot is to acknowledge the ancient cave paintings and petroglyphs.  The background of this pot is made from marbled porcelain to give the feeling of the rock wall.  The bears are being followed by hunters and there are also bear tracks just as there would be on a cave painting.

The petroglyphs are made in murrinis which are then sliced.  For more information on the murrini process see the information section of the website.   The murrini slices are joined together in a slab with the marbled background using slip.  The pot is formed from this slab.  The designs go all the way through the pot.


This pot is made from colored porcelains.  It has been sanded to a silky smoothness, the inside is glazed.  It has been kiln fired.