Ancient Designs Porcelain Pot 2

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Ancient Designs Porcelain Pot 2

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Ancient Designs Porcelain Pot 2
Item: POR-06

Ancient Designs Porcelain Pot Ancient designs similar to the ones on this pot were a common theme on the ancient mound builder pottery.  I have taken these ancient designs and made porcelain murrini using colored porcelains with designs similar to the incised designs found on the ancient pots and then scattered them across this pot.

This pot is made using murrini.   The murrini slices are joined together in a slab with the black background using slip.  The pot is formed from this slab.  The designs go all the way through the pot.


This pot is made from colored porcelains.  It is glazed with a clear glaze.  It has been kiln fired.
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