Native American Marsha Hedrick is a registered artist and member of the Oklahoma Choctaw Nation.

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About the Artist

When was a child I was very interested in my Choctaw background. My grandmother gave me the indian name of Natika after looking on her handwritten family tree and finding that a grandmother many greats back was named Natika. I have loved the name ever since and when I began doing Native American artwork I thought it only fitting to use my indian name given to me by my grandmother so long ago.

I have been a porcelain artist for the last 18 years, although, most of my work has been in the form of doll house miniatures and porcelain dolls. My work in miniatures can be seen on my miniature site Porcelain Fantasies I began working with porcelain when I lived in Australia in 1987. I quickly moved from making large porcelain dolls to making miniatures. When I moved back to the US in 1992 I began to paint on miniature china as well as making doll house porcelain dolls. In 1997 I began to design some jewelry pieces although my main artistic outlet was still miniatures. This continues to to the present although the interest in Native American designs and Jewelry is becoming more predominant.