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The pottery in this shop is hand made by a registered member of the Oklahoma Choctaw Nation.

Many of the pieces in this shop are reproductions of ancient Woodland and Mississippian period pottery.  The original artifacts they were fashioned after have been found in a large area of the greater Mississippi valley in and around ancient mounds.  These ancient moundbuilders had a rich artistic culture and a wide variety of interesting designs, many of which closely resemble Mayan and Aztec designs leading one to believe that they were related or at least had contact.

The pottery in this shop can be broadly divided into two basic types, traditional styles and designs and Contemporary styles and designs. Techniques used for the traditional pottery are primarily coiling and burnishing and wood firing. The contemporary pieces utilize many new and interesting techniques and in addition to coiling and slab techniques. Contemporary pottery also includes materials and finishes that would not have been available to the Ancient Indian potters. Together these two basic types result in a wide and varied range of interesting pottery pieces that are both recognizable and unique.

Please NOTE: Many of the pots in this shop are Miniature.  Please read the sizes listed for the pots.

 I hope you will enjoy my offerings.
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