Custom hand made jewelry box to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of original jewelry and build brand recognition.

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Custom Jewelry Box

Custom Jewelry Box0
This is an example of the custom made jewelry boxes that make for my original jewelry.  This is the largest box I currently make and it is provided with the largest of my jewelry creations.  I also make a smaller box that is similar in appearance but more suitable for the smaller pieces.  I feel that these boxes accents the unique quality of my jewelry and gives the buyer a very special overall package.  I only include the boxes with the most expensive of my jewelry, however, one can be ordered with the less expensive pieces at an additional cost.  This beautiful box makes a wonderful presentation for gift giving and will show the recipient just how special they are.

This sturdy box is hand made from recycled paper so it is earth friendly and a work of art in itself.  The photo below shows the mold for the lid of this box and beside it a mold with a box lid that is ready to be removed and painted.  The recycled paper is pressed into the mold to create  a box with a texture similar to that of an egg carton.  This sturdy material is then painted and a padded lining is added to the inside of the top of the box to protect the jewelry.  A leather hinge and clasp are then attached.  A pocket is attached to the bottom of the box to hold the certificate that is also a part of the original design jewelry.  The certificate contains information on the design of the piece if it is historical and any spiritual or native lore that may apply to the design or decoration of the piece.