Choctaw Art Pottery -- Painting Mimbres
Painting Mimbres

Painting Mimbres

Painting Mimbres0
From around 200 A.D. to about 1150 A.D. a group of farmers lived along the banks of the Mimbres river in southwestern New Mexico.  Near the end of this time around 1000 to 1100 A.D. they began to make the beautiful black and white design pottery which they are known for.  This pottery is distinctive in its intricate geometric designs with fine lines and stylized figures of animals, humans and bugs.  After about 1150 A.D. their villages were abandoned and no more of their pottery is found.

I find these black and white designs very compelling and I use them on some of my jewelry pieces as well as some of the pottery.  I am often asked how I manage to paint the fine lines etc. so I have made a video that will show you.

This video shows me painting the Mimbres Rabbit design on a porcelain jewelry cab.  The same technique is used to paint it on pottery and on the native clay pieces.