Woodpecker Necklace
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Woodpecker Necklace

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Woodpecker Necklace
Price: $150.00

The Pileated Woodpecker represents the warrior and it alerts women of impending death.  It is also a symbol of creation.  Before the earth was raised from the water, it hung from the sky with its tail feathers in the first waters.  It is said the water stained its tail feathers making them dark.  It is also a protector of the square and is often shown on the four sides of the square.

This is a  hand sculpted piece.  It is made from porcelain so it is very hard and durable.  This is a high fired piece. It is hand painted with underglazes and glazed.  It is presented on an adjustable leather cord.

Size: Wing tip to wing tip 6.25 inches Head to tail 4.5 inches on an adjustable leather cord.