Hohokam design Bracelet
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Hohokam design Bracelet

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Hohokam design Bracelet
Price: $65.00

 The Hohokam culture includes indians that lived in the region of central and southern Arizona alon the Gila and Salt Rivers and at the base of the Superstition Mountains.  These designs fall primarialy into what is called the Classic period and are intended to resemble the polychrome ware that they created.  The designs on these beads are created to resemble the designs found on the ancient pottery, they are then carefully applied to handmade porcelain beads.  The backs of the beads have been tinted to resemble the terracotta color of the original pottery. Then they were fired to 2000 degrees F (1200C ) The bracelet is finished off with stone beads between the design beads.  It closes with a sterling silver magnetic dexterity clasp that is super simple to fasten around your wrist.  It is adjustable by clipping the clasp into loops between beads further up the bracelet.

Size:  The bracelet is 9 (23cm) long adjustable down to 6 inches.