Mound Builder design Bracelet
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Mound Builder design Bracelet

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Mound Builder design Bracelet
Price: $65.00

This lovely bracelet features hand made porcelain beads the designs on the disc beads are created to resemble the designs from ancient pottery.  The edges are airbrushed to give it a bit more interest. The designs go the opposit direction on the other side of the beads. The bracelet is finished off with stone beads between the design beads.  It closes with a sterling silver magnetic dexterity clasp that is super simple to fasten around your wrist.  It is adjustable by clipping the clasp into loops between beads further up the bracelet.

The mound builders lived in the greater Mississippi Valley.  The designs on this bracelet come from pottery of the Mississipan Period wich was roughly from around 800AD to about 1650AD

Size:  The bracelet is 9.5 (24cm) long adjustable down to 6 inches.