Eyes Porcelain Pot
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Eyes Porcelain Pot

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Eyes Porcelain Pot
Item: POR-03

Price without Defect:  $250
Eyes were a common theme on the ancient mound builder pottery.  I have taken the eye theme and made a murrini using colored porcelains with an eye design similar to the incised eye designs found on the ancient pots and then scattered it across this pot.

This pot is made using eye murrini.   The murrini slices are joined together in a slab with the black background using slip.  The pot is formed from this slab.  The designs go all the way through the pot.

This pot has a small defect on one side which is why it is priced so low.  The second photo shows the defect.  It is a surface crack that is totally filled by glaze.  The crack does not go through to the inside of the pot and it is totally smooth and filled with glaze so there is no structural problem its just not quite right.  It is an excellent bargain.  It will hold water so you could put flowers in it and if you just put it on the shelf with the defect to the back you will never even know.


This pot is made from colored porcelains.  It is glazed with a clear glaze.  It has been kiln fired.