Ear Spools - large
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Ear Spools - large

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Ear Spools - large
Item: EAR-02
Price: $80.00

These ear spools are similar to numerous ear spools found in the mounds.  These spools are much smaller than the ancient ones which were frequently as large as 3 inches in diameter, however, the design is consistent with the ancient artifacts. 

These ear spools could be worn by someone with gauged ears or a cord could be wrapped around the groove or through the center hole and they could be worn as a pendant as well.

These ear spools are made from terracotta clay, hand burnished and incised.  The incised lines are then colored with black and white slips.   These spools were kiln fired.  They have a protective wax finish applied.

Size: 1 1/2 inch diameter with the groove being 1/8 inch deep.