Avanyu and Sinti Lapitta Canteen
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Avanyu and Sinti Lapitta Canteen

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Avanyu and Sinti Lapitta Canteen
Price: $250.00

This canteen features an Avanyu on one side and a Uktena on the other.  These are similar creatures, the Avanyu from the pueblo cultures the Sinti Lapitta from the Choctaw and southeastern mound cultures.  This is not a reproduction of any known artifact.

The Avanyu and the Sinti Lapitta are a water guardian, water spirit, water diety.  They are the storm bringer and connected with lightning, thunderstorms and the guardian of water. The Avanyu is also revered as the changer of seasons and the bringer of sudden and sometimes violent change. The zigzag and meandering curves of the serpent or snake are suggestive of flowing water or the zig-zag of lightning. In some tribes Avanyu is believed to be a companion to the Kokopelli.  Antlers and horns signify spiritual power. 

The clouds surrounding the Avanyu are symbols of rain and the sky.  The spiral symbols around the Sinti Lapitta are also water symbols, symbolizing flowing water or waves.

Size:7.5 inches (19cm) neck to bottom 7 inches (18cm) wide  2.5 inches (6.35cm) front to back

Materials and Techniques:This bottle was entirely hand built from hand dug native clay using the coiling method and hand burninshed with a rock.  It was painted using slip of the same clay colored with a mineral pigment.  It was then traditionally fired outdoors in a wood fire .